Blizzies Ceramic Art & Design was founded with a huge passion for the Ceramic Arts and a big wish to share the joy of claywork with with the rest of the world. Sylvia Sinel started up Blizzies after many years with a colourful dream about a vibrant studio space for exploration & and production, as well as a place where people can come along and "have-a-go" at pottery in a supportive enviroment.


In the Studio you'll find a mix of functional design and sculptural pieces. Focus is on high quality craftsmanship and there are no rules in the creating. Most pieces are unique one-of-a-kind and new ideas and concepts will be under constant exploration.


Blizzies offers one-on-one tuition in wheel throwing and handbuilding, occasional weekend workshops and various commission projects. Contact Sylvia on 022-0466029 or info@blizzies for booking & more info.


The name Blizzies is made up from the word Bliss meaning great joy and happiness, or something contributing to happiness and well being.


Swedish born Sylvia Sinel has a big love for people and the Arts. She is a multifaceted Artist and Maker who has found her affinity in clay. Sylvia is an active member and Treasurer at the Waikato Society of Potters in Hamilton, and she is a keen promoter of the New Zealand Pottery Scene. It has been said that New Zealand has the most active potters per capita in the world and Sylvia is very proud to be one of them.


"A creative journey is a process of constant questioning, experimenting and learning. It is a never ending curious search for new ways of documentation and expression." www.sylviasinel.com

Blizzies Studio Pottery

49 Queenwood Avenue

Hamilton 3210

New Zealand

Phone: 022-0466029

email: info@blizzies.com